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The Power of Energy Data

Metering, monitoring and targeting (MM&T) is the single most important energy management tool and delivers a wide range of benefits if used effectively. The technology is currently experiencing a boom, with a dramatic increase in products and services from both old and new suppliers.

Investing in MM&T makes excellent commercial sense. So why are so many organisations failing to do so? And when they do, why do we so often find that systems simply aren’t delivering the desired results? What is going wrong?

This article gives an overview of MM&T and covers:

  • Why the boom in MM&T?
  • The power of data
  • Identifying and verifying energy efficiency opportunities
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of MM&T
  • What should I measure?
  • Hardware and software
  • Intelligent data interpretation

How to avoid the pitfalls of MM&T

In our experience there are seven key reasons why systems don’t deliver:

  • Poor specification
  • Inappropriate choice of hardware and/or software
  • Inadequate installation/commissioning/training
  • Wrong quantity or type of reporting
  • Lack of skill and/or time to analyse the data and make business cases
  • Absent or ineffective implementation based on data analysis
  • No evaluation of outcomes undertaken (savings verification)

What should I measure?

Too much data can be nearly as bad as too little. Key drivers in energy consumption should be identified and measured. Your ‘meter tree’ needs to be appropriately structured and the number of submeters and ‘virtual’ meters carefully considered.

Hardware and software

Metering technology is constantly evolving and an even greater array of monitoring software is available, so choosing the best solution for your needs is not easy.

Intelligent data interpretation

Data is only useful if you can understand what it is telling you and turn that knowledge into a targeted plan of action.  Most monitoring software will have some level of reporting built-in but, unless you have the time and knowledge to identify exactly what the data is telling you about your buildings, it is unlikely that you’ll be getting the full benefit of your system.

How can we help?

Are you making the best use of data to identify and act on inefficient energy use and reduce your energy bills?  We can help you to: choose the right metering and software for your circumstances; set up the appropriate level of reporting; spot where energy or water is being wasted; act on the information and verify the savings - or provide a complete outsourced solution.

Put us to the test NOW! To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081, or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

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John Treble

Put us to the test NOW!

For over twenty five years we have been delivering superior outcomes for thousands of commercial, industrial and public-sector clients.

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To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email


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Metering, monitoring and targeting for University of Worcester

We provide metering, monitoring and targeting for the university within a three year contract for energy management involving a consultant being on site for up to three days per week.

"The Green Consultancy have proved to be adept at understanding the requirements of a complex organisation across an extensive estate and have worked with colleagues in the University of Worcester to help us better understand our priorities in relation to carbon reduction.  Their support for the estates team is working extremely well and in addition to resolving issues and making efficiency gains, members of the in house team are also increasing their knowledge base. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Mark Hughes, Director of Estates & Facilities

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Greatest savings for lowest cost

At the heart of our services is our unique rigorous and scientific energy efficiency methodology - guaranteeing you exceptional value for money.

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