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Energy-Saving Culture Change at Aston University

Aston University has set itself the tough goal of Aston Universityreducing carbon emissions by 53% by 2020 against a 2006 baseline. Aston recognised that capital projects alone would not meet the target and that energy management responsibility needed to extend beyond the Estates Department to everyone whose behaviour impacted on energy efficiency. A corporate culture change was needed to put sustainability at the heart of all initiatives and for the energy awareness message to be communicated to every corner of the University.

TGC helped Aston achieve this through: Senior Management meetings, interviews, conferences and launch events; staff energy/environmental survey, reviewing campaign strategy and materials; training Sustainability Champions and energy walkabouts.

The result has been a step-change in staff and student engagement at all levels. Emissions have already been reduced by 30% to 2014/15 and, with continual engagement initiatives combined with capital projects, the University is on track to meet its 2020 target. Read more …

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"John Treble, Founder and Client Services Director of The Green Consultancy, is a true expert on energy management and energy efficiency. He has a no-nonsense grasp on best practices. If you want independent expertise to sound out your energy efficiency plans then he’s well worth contacting."

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“John Treble, Founder and Client Services Director of The Green Consultancy, puts clients at the forefront of all business decisions and is tenacious in ensuring that they get what they need. He is honest and straightforward with high and exacting standards.”

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