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London School of 4_lshtm-logo-opt200 - Peter Hawtin - peterhHygiene and Tropical Medicine

Achieving Net-Zero Carbon by 2030

“I am glad we went with The Green Consultancy for this project – the breadth and quality of the work delivered was exactly what we required."

Ola Bankole, Head of Sustainability

The University

London School of Hygiene 4_lshtm-k-st-3 - Peter Hawtin - peterhand Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is a post-graduate research institution with a global reputation for excellence and 3,300 staff based all around the world. LSHTM responds to crises, developing innovative programmes for major health threats and trains the next generation of public and global health leaders and researchers. It has a critical global mission – improving health worldwide, and is a member of numerous global health organisations and consortia. LSHTM’s new net-zero strategy addresses the clear synergy between improving health and addressing the climate crisis

The challenge

LSHTM is an international institution with a global reach. To stay true to its mission, it recognises that the carbon emissions resulting from its work need to be dramatically reduced. In response to the UK Parliament’s declaration of a climate change emergency in May 2019, the university began developing a new Energy and Carbon Management Plan (ECMP). The Green Consultancy (TGC) was commissioned to support LSHTM in developing the ECMP to deliver their mission of improving health worldwide in a more sustainable way, with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon.

The plan

TGC worked closely with LSHTM’s Estate and Support Services teams to develop a bespoke ECMP to put LSHTM on the right trajectory to meet its commitment to achieve net-zero by 2030, setting an interim milestone target for 2025. The net-zero strategy developed is radically ambitious, involving a series of building energy services and resource usage surveys, and a full supply chain analysis to enable LSHTM to start accurately measuring its total greenhouse gas (GHG) footprint. The ECMP Action Plan sets out comprehensive actions to reduce GHG emissions, to be taken forward by LSHTM’s support teams, academic schools and their research programmes with the aim of achieving net-zero by 2030, across all emissions scopes 1, 2 and 3. The comprehensive plan reviews everything from the food served in university canteens to the emissions of buildings and business travel as follows:

  • Developing and implementing a net-zero strategy. Our work focused on setting net-zero targets and innovating to find appropriate implementation solutions for the university. Modelling emissions based on the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) ensures that LSHTM’s reduction strategy is aligned to net-zero emissions.
    TGC provided extensive advice for improving existing data collection and reporting methods to enable increasingly accurate measurement of residual emissions. LSHTM will make a formal SBT commitment when initial measures are in place and data reporting has been streamlined.
  • Deep sustainability management. Delivering 4_lshtm-scopes-opt300 - Peter Hawtin - peterhnet-zero across the LSHTM buildings and estate requires energy and carbon management improvements. TGC provided expertise on a variety of low-carbon technologies, improved energy management and investment in energy efficiency options. TGC helped the university to understand and optimise the performance of buildings and facilities, using data and technology. Identified improvement projects are earmarked to be taken forward as part of the plan
  • Business travel and tackling supply chain emissions. Includes actions to reduce business travel (particularly air miles) using a tailored policy and improved purchasing process, reducing the carbon impacts of purchasing generally, and considering the role that credible carbon off-setting can play in the overall effort to reduce residual carbon emissions.

LSHTM subsequently commissioned TGC to run workshops for its staff on achieving Net-Zero Carbon, and produce ECMPs for some of its operations overseas.

The outcome

The overall work programme has been recognised as an innovative roadmap in the Higher Education Sector, towards achieving net-zero by 2030, covering energy and building infrastructure, transport and supply chain emissions. It represents a step-change in action on climate change. The success of this plan will require ongoing commitment from all at LSHTM to make a real difference, but the initial reaction from all stakeholders has been extremely positive.

LSHTM’s Energy and Carbon Management Plan is published on their website.

The reaction

“Our requirements 4_lshtm-ola-bankole-opt200 - Peter Hawtin - peterhfor this project were quite bespoke; a one-size-fits-all approach would not have worked. Indeed Carbon Management Plans with in-depth Scope 3 reporting are not yet prevalent in the HE sector and, due to the nature of our Institution’s work, the Scope 3 elements needed to be just as robust as Scopes 1 and 2.

This was one of the reasons that I was particularly impressed by how the work was handled. The skill and knowledge that was brought to bear demonstrated a level of sure-footedness that was reassuring not just to myself but also to the other stakeholders involved in the project. Thus, I am glad we went with The Green Consultancy for this project – the breadth and quality of the work delivered was exactly what we required.”

Ola Bankole, Head of Sustainability

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