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BMS and eSight M&T System Optimisation

“Green Consultancy’s BMS and eSight M&T System Optimisation work has enabled my team to make substantial energy savings and to manage energy more effectively to drive down future costs and carbon emissions.”

Luke Gallagher, Energy Manager

The University

University 4_leeds-1-opt300 - Peter Hawtin - peterhof Leeds was founded in 1904 and is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK. It has a sustainability strategy and ensures that sustainability is embedded in its decision making with social, environmental and economic impacts considered in its procurement process and all major developments and investments.

The challenge

The University has one of the largest and most complex Building Management Systems (BMS) in the UK and wanted to ensure that it was minimising the consumption of energy and associated carbon emmissions. As an enabling measure, it also needed to improve the use of its eSight Energy Monitoring & Targeting System.

The solution

The 4_leeds-2-opt300 - Peter Hawtin - peterhGreen Consultancy (TGC) was commissioned to carry out a BMS Health Check.

That is a forensic review of the graphical head-end terminal of the BMS to determine the overall efficiency of the system – including control strategy, set-points, time schedules, weather compensation, sensor accuracy, graphics accuracy and usability of the system, day to day operation and maintenance.

This led to the following work to capitalise on the potential energy savings revealed.

  • Review effectiveness of eSight M&T system
  • Identify buildings most in need of BMS optimisation
  • BMS optimisation investigations of three such buildings

The results

The 4_leeds-bms-opt - Peter Hawtin - peterhBMS Health Check covered the HVAC systems in 14 of the main campus buildings and identified opportunities for major energy cost savings.

Problems identified include:

  • Thermal wheel heat recovery systems not working
  • Faulty or inaccurate temperature sensors
  • Heating and cooling systems fighting each other due to poor tuning of control loops
  • Heating and cooling control valves passing when in closed position

Each fault identified was classified by scale of energy waste, with diagnostic details and the corrective action required.

As 4_leeds-4-opt300 - Peter Hawtin - peterhpart of the BMS optimisation, TGC also investigated the effectiveness of the eSight M&T system as an energy monitoring and improvement tool.

The review included: data quality, historical performance analysis metrics, predicted energy consumption processes, performance variation and data quality alarms. Numerous very specific recommendations for improvements were made.

In progressively more detail, TGC then reviewed all buildings to identify those most in need of BMS optimisation – and surveyed three such buildings to make recommendations to maximise their energy efficiency.

With kind permission of the University, all six reports are available on request from us.

The reaction

“The 4_luke-gallagher-opt150b - Peter Hawtin - peterhGreen Consultancy’s BMS and eSight M&T System Optimisation work has enabled my team to make substantial energy savings and to manage energy more effectively to drive down future costs and carbon emissions. In addition, we have been able to apply the learnings to extend the optimisation work to the remainder of our estate. In my opinion, the value of TGC’s contribution significantly outweighs their fees.”
Luke Gallagher, Energy Manager

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