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Energy saving examples

The application of our Energy efficiency methodology often allows a building operator to completely revise both investment plans and carbon/energy targets, which are often unrealistically conservative. Savings of 30% within two years may be possible, provided some investment is available, and savings of around 5% per year are often achievable without significant investment. This allows the development of a ‘virtuous circle’ in energy efficiency, with reductions in building demands enabling plant to be replaced with smaller and more modern equipment that leads to additional savings.

Energy saving examples

Green Consultancy energy health checks, surveys and audits result in energy consumption reductions of up to 80% within specific equipment or processes and such savings may be achievable without major capital investment. Here are some typical examples:

Chilled water plant – aquarium

Use of an energy analyser to profile the electricity consumption of a packaged water chiller at an aquarium identified the opportunity to modify the operating regime at no cost, reducing consumption by over 1,000kWh per day, and saving over £30,000 per year.

Compressed air – print and manufacturing

Detailed analysis of an air compressor at a print works identified the opportunity to reduce electricity consumption through a relatively small adjustment of pressure settings, saving over £4,000 per year at no cost.

Savings of £8,000 per year were identified at a manufacturing site, through a no-cost modification to the compressor operating regime. This was nearly 8% of the site’s electricity costs.

Refrigeration - retail

At a retail outlet, an adjustment of display case temperatures reduced refrigeration electricity consumption by approximately 50%, and also resulted in an improvement in the quality of the product.

Space and water heating – college and university

Decentralisation of space and water heating at a College of Further Education allowed modification to the operating regime for the heating system that reduced fossil fuel consumption by 50%. At a university, similar measures produced savings of over 40%.

Steam systems and boiler plant - industrial

Detailed analysis of the operation of boiler plant on a textile manufacturing site revealed the unnecessary operation of steam heating during the weekends, at a cost of over £1,000 per day.

On another industrial site, adjustment of the boiler controls resulted in a 29% reduction in operation at no cost.

On a third industrial site analysis revealed the opportunity for cost-effective replacement of the existing boilers with two new ones with one third of the capacity. This resulted in a 40% reduction in gas consumption and also freed up valuable space in the plant room.

Ventilation and air conditioning - hospital

A new hospital was suffering from excessive energy consumption. A detailed investigation of the BMS and ventilation plant identified that the LPHW valve to a frost battery was being held open continuously. Remedial works cost nothing, and saved over £12,000 per year in reduced LPHW and chilled water demands.

Water heating - general

Water is commonly heated with incredibly low efficiencies - figures of less than 5% have been established through detailed analysis. This often provides the opportunity for spectacular savings.

At an educational establishment, the decentralisation of water heating reduced fossil fuel costs from £3,000 to £300 during the summer months, with additional but smaller savings accruing during the heating season.

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Greatest savings for lowest cost

At the heart of our services is our unique rigorous and scientific energy efficiency methodology - guaranteeing you exceptional value for money.

More about our energy efficiency methodology

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University of Oxford

“I have worked with and for energy consultancies for more than 20 years, and the quality of The Green Consultancy’s work is some of the best I have seen.”

Philip Pike, Former Energy Manager

See case history of our work for University of Oxford

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Total Energy Management

To help you manage energy in the most complete and professional way possible, The Green Consultancy provides a comprehensive integrated range of services.

More about Total Energy Management

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Energy Efficiency Audit for University of West of England

"Your consultant is a very experienced engineer with a good understanding of the achievable, whilst appreciating the reality of situations. Our engineering staff and Director of Estates were all impressed with the quality of his understanding. We are pleased with the final report and have actioned many of the suggestions. We have quantified previous savings identified by The Green consultancy and found them to be remarkably accurate."

David Oldham, Energy Manager

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Energy Efficiency Audit for Institute of Cancer Research

"The potential savings (16% with a less than 2 year payback) are substantially more than expected and the work of putting them into practice has commenced. I would like to complement your consultant for his low key approach. What could have been a major disruption to the work of the institute was accomplished with virtually no inconvenience to the staff concerned."

Richard Cheeseman, Chief Engineer

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Energy Efficiency Audit Sports Leisure Management Ltd

"A very helpful and worthwhile service - identifying opportunities to reduce energy costs by 28% with a payback period of under two years. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their business to be at the forefront of environmental practices not only for ethical reasons but also for cost saving ideas to help your business save money."

Adam East, Operations Manager, Watford Leisure Centre Central