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Outsourcing clients

Power Systems Manufacturer

Our relationship commenced in 1999 with a strategic review. We paid a key part in what has become a World Class outsourcing approach over the subsequent 18 years. Initially the scope of services was split into two key bundles namely a Utilities Management Agreement covering steam, effluent and compressed air and a Combined UK FM Outsourcing Approach. This was later expanded to more holistic FM services and, in 2010, to a European Approach and then a Global Approach.

Substantial savings have been achieved at the same time as improvements in service delivery levels as specifically measured.

The value of the initial contracts was £4M and £8M per annum respectively and latterly the value on a wider geographical basis was over £90M per year. In all cases we helped specify what should be in scope and the synergies between scope areas as well as preparing tender documentation, supplier analysis and measurement and contractual agreement support.

Johnson Matthey

We have recently helped Johnson Matthey to outsource major CHP plant at two of its significant energy consuming sites that also have supply availability issues. Prior to us producing tender documentation, we provided a full CHP technical options appraisal and condition survey of the existing 15-year-old CHP plant. The outsourcing process incorporated a Utilities Management Agreement (UMA) provider audit to view non-financial value and assistance with producing the business case. Full plant operation is expected in September 2017.


Since the end of 2016, we have been helping Vodafone in the structure and signing of an Energy Performance Contract ensuring that it meets best value and practical operational KPIs to measure the performance of the FM provider. Much of the documentation has also been put in place to assist with business case generation and the longer-term strategy for energy measures across Vodafone UK.


GSK engaged us to look at the practicality of outsourcing its non-production hard services to compliment the already (and more easily) outsourced soft services. An initial business case was developed which resulted in a time delay to the project for good reason due to the need to get tighter control over the existing financial FM budgets within the industrial sites.

Kraft Foods

We helped Kraft Foods to review its existing Utilities Management Agreements and Kraft Foods staff operations which were largely in-house. Risks of approach were reviewed and the financial business base developed. Kraft Foods decided not to outsource but rather retain UMA delivery in-house but had a much greater understanding of the scope for change in the coming years.

Molson Coors

This service was currently outsourced and, although a tender process took place between outsource providers, the internal in-house team also provided a bid. We assisted in both tender documentation and ultimately bringing the utilities management operations in-house as a more cost-effective method which also balanced the risk for critical services.

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