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EneESOS Logorgy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

Phase 2 of ESOS is underway. We strongly recommend that you act NOW to comply because demand for Lead Assessors will outstrip supply long before the deadline.

With our help, you can not only be sure to comply with this legislation but do so as profitably as possible by achieving major cost-savings.

Our work is guaranteed to be ESOS Compliant – unlike the Phase 1 submissions of many organisations that failed the Environment Agency’s auditing process!

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

About ESOS

ESOS is the implementation into UK law of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive which mandates a programme of regular energy audits for ‘large undertakings’.

Large undertakings employ 250 or more people OR have a turnover of at least 50m Euros plus a balance sheet of 43m Euros.

The objective of the scheme is to encourage the take-up of cost-effective energy efficiency measures to increase the profitability and competitiveness of participants – as well as contribute to the meeting of UK and EU carbon reduction targets.

Participants are required to accurately measure energy consumption of all buildings, processes and direct transport and then identify energy efficiency opportunities covering a minimum of 90% of the identified consumption.

The second phase started in December 2015 and compliance can be carried out at any point in the compliance period and must be completed no later than December 2019. Our experience from Phase 1 is that participants should allow up to 12 months to complete the process depending on the size and complexity of the organisation.

A complete set of information related to compliance needs to be recorded and available for external audit. Compliance has to be verified by an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor, signed off by a Director and notified to the Environment Agency. The Lead Assessor may also carry out some or all of the work required.

Alternatively organisations may achieve the Energy Management System Standard ISO 50001 which automatically meets ESOS compliance requirements.

Penalties for non-compliance

ESOS is enforced by the Environment Agency. There are extensive and significant penalties for non-compliance applied at the Environment Agency’s discretion. In the first phase a lenient approach has been taken but this is likely to change in phase 2.

Failure to notify the Scheme Administrator of compliance by the required date and/or failure to provide basic details as part of notification:

  • a fixed penalty of up to £5,000 and/or
  • an additional £500 for each day starting on the day after the date of compliance until the notification is completed, subject to a maximum of 80 days and/or
  • publication of details of non-compliance by the compliance bodies.

Failure to maintain adequate records to demonstrate compliance with ESOS:

  • a fixed penalty of up to £5,000 and/or
  • the cost to the compliance body for undertaking sufficient auditing activity to confirm that an organisation has complied with ESOS.

Failure to undertake an ESOS Assessment or any aspect of an ESOS Assessment (not using sufficient data, not using a Lead Assessor etc.):

  • publication of details of non-compliance
  • a requirement to conduct an ESOS Assessment by a date specified by the compliance body; and/or a penalty of up to £50,000 and/or
  • an additional £500 per day penalty for each day starting on the day after the compliance date that the organisation remains non-compliant, subject to a maximum of 80 days.

Failure to comply with an enforcement, compliance or penalty notice:

  • a fixed penalty of up to £5,000 and/or
  • an additional £500 for each day starting on the day after the date of compliance until the notification is completed, subject to a maximum of 80 days and/or
  • publication of details of non-compliance.

Making a false or misleading statement:

  • a monetary penalty of up to £50,000 and
  • publication of details of non-compliance.

Our ESOS Service

We offer a complete ESOS service with a team of accredited Lead Assessors to certify compliance backed up by experienced ESOS energy auditors to carry out the required energy efficiency identification.

We also offer:

  • Review of your Phase 1 report, progress with implementing its recommendations and your options for achieving Phase 2 compliance
  • ISO 50001 accreditation support service as an alternative route to compliance
  • Comprehensive implementation service to ensure that you achieve identified cost savings

Please see our ESOS clients and their typical comments below.

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Graham Care

ESOS Compliance for Graham Care Group Ltd

“The Green Consultancy made this process smooth for our group, they provided clear instructions with regards to the information that they required from us to ensure that we obtained ESOS compliance. The ESOS Lead Assessor who visited each of our sites communicated well with our Managers, and carried out their necessary works without disrupting the day to day activities in our homes. We will definitely work with TGC when we are due to revisit this project again in the future.”

Joanne Plesa, Group Finance Co-ordinator

3448_maplin - John Treble - john

ESOS Compliance for Maplin Electronics Ltd

“The ESOS Lead Assessor has good retail expertise, was very personable and got on very well with my team. Findings were presented in a commercial way with costs and savings. They looked sensible and we will use them as benchmarks as we start to implement the recommendations. TGC’s administration is very good and visits were arranged with minimal fuss.”

Chris Bannister, Financial Controller

See case history of our work for Maplin


TGC is the proud winner of the 2016 Interserve Supplier of the Year Award for Customer Focus.

Here is our consultant Andrew Burt at the award ceremony.

Award winner


ESOS Compliance for Quiz Clothing

The Green Consultancy was extremely helpful from the very first phone call, making it clear exactly what was required from us, them and how to move forward. I am very impressed.

James Flynn, Projects & Facilities Manager

Greenhous Logo

ESOS Compliance for Greenhous Group Ltd

“Generally very happy with the way the assessment was conducted. We didn't receive our final report in time for our own internal deadline, but we couldn't provide all required information in a timely manner.”

Simon Mitchell, Head of Technical Services

Sheffield FC Logo

ESOS Compliance for Sheffield United Football Club Plc

“Very impressed with the efficiency, help and organisational pointers given. Our input was minimal which I was thankful for given our busy schedules.”

Steve Hicks, Estates Manager & Safety Officer

GAP logo

ESOS Compliance for General All Purpose Plastics Ltd

“A clear and knowledgeable ESOS compliance service provided at good value compared to competitors.”

Jason Hopkins, Head Buyer

Westmorland logo

ESOS Compliance for Westmorland Ltd

“The report and its findings were very good technically and demonstrated a good understanding of our diverse business.”

Dan Tomkins, Head of Finance

Wolverhampton Logo


ESOS Compliance for Wolverhampton Wanderers

“A professional and well managed service.”

Steve Sutton, Facilities and Safety Manager