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Building Management System services

A properly functioning Building Management System (BMS) is crucial to minimising energy consumption – yet most are wasting vast amounts of energy.

The Green Consultancy offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that old or new BMS are working at peak efficiency.

Learn about saving energy by optimising your BMS

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Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

How your BMS may be wasting energy

A 3450_bms4 - - beckyBuilding Management System or BMS (otherwise known as a Building Energy Management System - BEMS) controls and monitors a building’s mechanical and electrical equipment such as air handling, heating and cooling, lighting, power and security systems - and is an essential tool in making sure that plant operates efficiently

However the majority of BMS significantly under-perform. Even organisations that employ full time BMS engineers, or have BMS maintenance contracts, frequently have seriously dysfunctional systems. This results in the massive wastage of energy, increased costs and uncomfortable environments for building users. For example, a recent TGC audit identified that poor BMS control of a single air handling unit was wasting £30,000 per year.

An underperforming BMS can be due to:

  • inappropriate specification or control strategy
  • incorrect installation or commissioning
  • sensors faulty, poorly installed or positioned
  • settings not updated to suit changing patterns of building use etc
  • inadequate training
  • inadequate maintenance

A properly functioning BMS should deliver energy efficiency savings in the order of 15-20% yet our extensive experience demonstrates that most are wasting 15-50%. Improving the operation of your BMS is probably the single most cost effective energy efficiency measure you can take.

The Green Consultancy (TGC) offers a comprehensive range of BMS services tailored to suit your circumstances and budget. These fall into the following three categories.

  • Savings identification
  • Opportunity implementation
  • Upgrades and new BMS

Where they go beyond consultancy into “hands on” software and hardware engineering we work with trusted independent BMS specialists expert in all manufacturers’ equipment. Alternatively, clients use their existing contractors to implement our recommendations and, in some cases, we are asked to work with them.

Savings identification

We offer two levels of forensic investigation as follows. Crucially, both are informed by our unique, rigorous and scientific Energy Efficiency Methodology.

BMS health check

A Green Consultancy BMS health check is an investigation of the BMS “head end” to identify the scope for energy savings opportunities for a fixed fee of only £1950 +VAT. Read more...

BMS audit

A Green Consultancy BMS audit is a full investment grade investigation of the BMS and plant controlled to identify opportunities for improvement, costs and return on investment with guaranteed savings. Read more...

Opportunity implementation

Our services include:

  • Control strategy
  • Programming
  • Post-implementation checks
  • Operator training – eg to reschedule plant, adjust set-points, understand optimisation and weather compensation, and conduct basic troubleshooting.
  • Comprehensive BMS Optimisation service – which reduced gas consumption by 42% for one client

Upgrades and new BMS

Our services include:

  • Specifications for upgrades, extensions and new systems
  • Tendering and implementation support
  • Installation
  • Project management
  • Contractor supervision
  • Commissioning

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Ovo Energy

Reducing energy consumption by 30% - BMS, Metering & Monitoring, ESOS and Standards work - for OVO Energy Ltd

"I have been very impressed with TGC's pragmatic, flexible and effective approach and results.  In the year we started working with TGC we grew roughly 300% and doubled our staff numbers while moving to a new building.  TGC was able to strike the right balance of applying proven process while leaving room for innovation to match OVO's culture and situation.  The results speak for themselves but the process and experience of achieving them was smooth and, dare I say it, enjoyable."

Justin Dekoszmovszky, Head of Sustainability

See case history of our work for OVO Energy Ltd

3450_worcester_uni - - becky

BMS Services for University of Worcester

Following a BMS Health Check we provided a new strategy and full tendering support for a replacement BMS.  These were some of the services delivered within a three year contract for energy management involving a consultant being on site for up to three days per week.

"The Green Consultancy have proved to be adept at understanding the requirements of a complex organisation across an extensive estate and have worked with colleagues in the University of Worcester to help us better understand our priorities in relation to carbon reduction.  Their support for the estates team is working extremely well and in addition to resolving issues and making efficiency gains, members of the in house team are also increasing their knowledge base. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Mark Hughes, Director of Estates & Facilities

3450_4-img-165x227-05 - - becky

BMS Audit Example

The Green Consultancy carried out a BMS Audit of an organisation which identified over 70 opportunities to reduce energy consumption leading to a total reduction of over 2,000 tonnes of CO2. Recommended BMS upgrades, adjustments and associated plant upgrades will reduce costs by £260,000 per year, and although there will be some implementation costs for plant upgrades, much of this can be achieved at low cost simply through improved management of the BMS. Maintenance issues accounted for £93,000 per year of the total annual savings identified.