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BMS audit

A Green Consultancy BMS Audit is a comprehensive investment grade investigation to identify how to optimise performance and minimise energy consumption. With a performance guarantee, and energy savings of up to 50% identified, commissioning a BMS audit makes perfect sense.

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About the audit:

A Green Consultancy BMS Audit is a full investment grade investigation of both the head end of the BMS and the plant that it controls to identify how to optimise performance and minimise energy consumption. It provides an in depth analysis of the system, opportunities for improvement, costs and return on investment. Some of the opportunities identified in our report will be straightforward and able to be implemented immediately.

A 3450_bms3 - - beckyBMS expert will visit the site to investigate:

  • suitability for purpose
  • system graphics
  • sensor and actuator integrity
  • installed plant
  • control strategy and logic
  • system set points
  • weather compensation
  • scheduling
  • plant sequencing and control
  • interaction with any other control systems
  • appropriate use of electrical and temperature data logging to verify BMS data
  • internal comfort
  • operational constraints
  • system access and training
  • maintenance regimes of BMS and plant
  • third party involvement
  • analysis of electricity and gas consumption, including ‘half-hourly’ data, to identify potential problem areas
  • identification and measurement of energy savings opportunities

The overall aim of the audit is a BMS that operates plant to deliver maximum efficiency and the report will include:

  • recommended remedial measures, involving software, hardware or the controlled plant
  • estimated savings, costs and return on investment
  • other measures to maintain the efficiency of the system
  • any training that staff may need
  • table of prioritised actions.

Our fee for this service depends on the scale and complexity of the buildings and plant controlled by the BMS. Any extensive work required such as changing a large number of time schedules or reprogramming software will be the subject of a quotation for further work.

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Ovo Energy

Reducing energy consumption by 30% - BMS, Metering & Monitoring, ESOS and Standards work - for OVO Energy Ltd

"I have been very impressed with TGC's pragmatic, flexible and effective approach and results.  In the year we started working with TGC we grew roughly 300% and doubled our staff numbers while moving to a new building.  TGC was able to strike the right balance of applying proven process while leaving room for innovation to match OVO's culture and situation.  The results speak for themselves but the process and experience of achieving them was smooth and, dare I say it, enjoyable."

Justin Dekoszmovszky, Head of Sustainability

See case history of our work for OVO Energy Ltd

3450_mercia-box-165x227-wmrpol-01 - - becky

BMS Audits for West Mercia Constabulary

“We commissioned The Green Consultancy to undertake an ongoing series of energy investigations, including BMS Audits, at our head office and various police stations.  The service given and the treatment received has been excellent; a worthwhile investment to improve our energy performance. We are extremely satisfied with the results and are implanting the recommendations – and would recommend the Green Consultancy to our partner organisations.”

Kim James, Force M&E Officer

4_logo-165x227-uni-leeds-01 - Peter Hawtin - peterh

BMS and eSight M&T System Optimisation for University of Leeds

“The Green Consultancy’s BMS and eSight M&T System Optimisation work has enabled my team to make substantial energy savings and to manage energy more effectively to drive down future costs and carbon emissions. In addition, we have been able to apply the learnings to extend the optimisation work to the remainder of our estate. In my opinion, the value of TGC’s contribution significantly outweighs their fees.”

Luke Gallagher, Energy Manager

See case history of our work for University of Leeds

3450_anglia-box-165x227-arusuni-01 - - becky

BMS Audit for Anglia Ruskin University

"We have used The Green Consultancy for two investigative projects focusing on energy management, metering, building management systems and plant issues. The service has been very good and the outcomes and recommendations concise, accurate and very useful.”

Mark Norman, Environmental Manager

See case history of our work for Anglia Ruskin University

3450_lincolnuni - - becky

BMS Audit for University of Lincoln

“The University of Lincoln was very pleased with the report that The Green Consultancy put together for us. The report has enabled us to re-focus how our Building Management System is used to manage energy consumption and control the environment in academic spaces.”

Daniel Clayton, Environmental Sustainability Manager

John Treble

Put us to the test NOW!

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