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A Green Consultancy energy efficiency survey is ideal for relatively small or simple buildings, or to investigate the scope for potential savings and the need for more detailed investigations.

Learn about saving energy in swimming pools

Learn about saving energy in mechanical ventilation

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Your survey will:

  1. Investigate all areas of energy and water use.
  2. Identify and prioritise those areas that offer the best opportunities for significant savings with the best Return on Investment.
  3. Consider all relevant technologies and methods, including, heating and ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, motors, building fabric, building management systems, metering and monitoring and energy management practices.
  4. Take account of available display energy certificates and any relevant consumption benchmarks.
  5. Report on the above, including:
  • An accurate assessment of the potential energy/carbon/water reductions
  • Specific measures required for implementation
  • Illustrative costs and payback periods
  • A prioritised Action Plan and Next Steps
  • Identification of any further investigations or design studies required prior to the implementation of specific opportunities.

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Multi-site energy efficiency survey

Our multi-site energy efficiency survey is ideal for companies that occupy large numbers of similar small buildings, such as retail units.

It starts by benchmarking all sites against each other to determine the least energy efficient sites followed by energy efficiency surveys of an appropriate number of those sites.

Your report will include both recommendations specific to the sites surveyed and generic recommendations that are expected to apply to all sites, and can include a review of fit-out specifications if required.

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

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Four Energy Audits for Greenwich Leisure

“Very helpful and professional service. Format of Audits carried out very good, easy to read and informative. Communications and outcomes excellent and in line with what GLL required”.

Deborah Shear, Regional Facilities Manager

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Multisite Energy Efficiency Survey for Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing

“The work undertaken by The Green Consultancy, particularly the energy surveys and recommendations, allowed us to develop an energy strategy and capital investment plan to achieve savings & reduce our carbon emissions - £2.3M invested, with a payback period of under two years, yielding savings of £1.2M pa.”

Dale Sheppard, Former Group Energy & Environment Manager

See case history of our work for Nuffield Health



TGC is the proud winner of the 2016 Interserve Supplier of the Year Award for Customer Focus.

Here is our consultant Andrew Burt at the award ceremony.

Award winner

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Multisite Energy Efficiency Survey for Derbyshire Mental Health Services NHS Trust

“The Trust asked The Green Consultancy to survey six sites representing a cross section of the 40 building estate.  The surveys identified the potential to save 20% of the total energy bill, with an average payback period of 14 months.  I was very pleased when someone with your consultant’s expertise and experience in the NHS was assigned to us.  His findings and recommendations were very much in line with our own ideas and we will be moving to address the issues raised.”

Alan Dakin, Operations Manager

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Low Carbon Design Advice for Christ Church, Oxford

“Amongst several projects for the College, The Green Consultancy advised on RIBA stage D plans for the £7.5m refurbishment of a Grade 2 listed building.  As well as some excellent general guidance on carbon emissions reduction. Their service was professional, responsive and of a high standard and met our needs most satisfactorily."

John Harris, Steward of Christ Church

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Energy Efficiency Survey for Barking College

“The Green Consultancy identified 28% savings with less than 2 years payback.  May I congratulate your consultant on the excellent way he went about the energy survey. Although many of the recommendations were simple, it needed somebody from outside to identify them. The information in the report was well put together and clear to follow"

Tom McCloud, Premises Manager

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Energy Efficiency Survey for HMG Paints

"We were delighted to receive your energy report.  It is really a superb piece of work which succeeds in identifying a whole range of potential carbon and cost saving opportunities for our business.  A real wakeup call on some of our historic practices!  I confirm the absolute certainty of our action on a whole range of issues that are raised."

John Falder, Managing Director

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Energy Efficiency Survey for Blue Coat School, Oldham

“It was extremely helpful to have access to external expertise to provide ‘disinterested’ advice. Recommendations which require significant investment are less easy to implement however the ‘quick wins’ will be taken on board as a matter of urgency.”

Margaret Duncan, Director of Business & Resources

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Energy Efficiency Survey for ISS Facility Services

"I am extremely grateful to The Green Consultancy for their energy survey which identified 29% cost savings. The consultant is a fine ambassador for the company and it was a great pleasure to host him at our building."

London Division