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Building management system health check

There are many ways that building management systems can waste vast amounts of energy.  Are yours doing so?  You can find out with a Green Consultancy BMS Health Check costing only £1950 +VAT.

Learn about saving energy by optimising your BMS

Learn about managing energy for comfort

Learn about saving energy in swimming pools

Learn about saving energy in mechanical ventilation

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The service

A Green Consultancy BMS Health Check is an inexpensive investigation into the “head end” graphics of a BMS, not the plant it controls, to provide a guide to the opportunities for energy savings and improving the environment for building users.

Some of the opportunities identified in our report will be straightforward and able to be implemented immediately and some may require more detailed investigation. It is essential that the system has comprehensive graphics.

A BMS expert will visit the site to review:

  • suitability for purpose3450_bms3 - - becky
  • system graphics
  • sensors
  • control strategy and logic
  • system set points
  • weather compensation
  • scheduling
  • plant sequencing and control
  • internal comfort
  • operational constraints
  • system access and training
  • maintenance regimes of BMS and plant
  • third party involvement
  • availability of energy consumption data.

The overall aim of the report is to provide a guide to achieving and maintaining a high level efficiency, including:

  • recommended remedial measures, involving software, hardware or the controlled plant
  • estimated savings, where sufficient relevant data is available
  • other measures to maintain the efficiency of the system
  • any training that staff may need
  • recommended further investigations.

Our fee per BMS for this service is only £1950 +VAT, including all expenses. Any extensive work required such as changing a large number of time schedules or reprogramming software will be the subject of a quotation for further work.

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Lancaster University logo

BMS Health Check for Lancaster University

“The Green Consultancy conducted a BMS Health Check at Lancaster University, and I have been impressed by their knowledge, insight and thoroughness. Their review highlighted a number of things we were already aware of, but more importantly, it raised numerous issues which we were not aware of previously. The rectification of those issues is contributing to reduced energy costs and carbon emissions. I wholeheartedly recommend the services of TGC, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jan Bastiaans, Energy Manager

3450_worcester_uni - - becky

BMS Services for University of Worcester

Following a BMS Health Check we provided a new strategy and full tendering support for a replacement BMS.  These were some of the services delivered within a three year contract for energy management involving a consultant being on site for up to three days per week.

"The Green Consultancy have proved to be adept at understanding the requirements of a complex organisation across an extensive estate and have worked with colleagues in the University of Worcester to help us better understand our priorities in relation to carbon reduction.  Their support for the estates team is working extremely well and in addition to resolving issues and making efficiency gains, members of the in house team are also increasing their knowledge base. I would not hesitate to recommend them to others."

Mark Hughes, Director of Estates & Facilities

3450_140scottish_parliament - - becky

BMS and Boiler Health Checks for the Scottish Parliament

The Green Consultancy carried out BMS and Boiler Health Checks at the Scottish Parliament Building to identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency.  Twenty separate measures to reduce electricity and gas consumption were recommended, plus additional opportunities for further investigation.
“The report was very professional and has identified a range of practical and achievable options for reducing energy use.  The approach was refreshingly thorough and observant.”

David Fairhurst, Environmental Performance Manager


3450_uwe - - becky

Building Management System Health Check for University of the West of England

“The Green Consultancy produced a very useful report for us and demonstrated expert knowledge of BMS systems. We would happily use them again. “

Fabia Jeddere-Fisher, Energy Engineer

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Greatest savings for lowest cost

At the heart of our services is our unique rigorous and scientific energy efficiency methodology - guaranteeing you exceptional value for money.

More about our energy efficiency methodology

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