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TGC’s People Solutions Services

Our uniquely expert and experienced team, offers a strategic approach with services selected and tailored to deliver a complete solution to meet your precise needs and opportunities.

  • Energy/Environmental Survey – to measure awareness and motivation, and recruit champions.
  • Campaign Strategy Plan (CSP) Development – in relation to current reality, policy, targets and survey results.
  • Senior Level Engagement – discussing CSP and their specific, time limited and high visibility support.
  • Heads of Departments and Middle Management – discussing CSP, promote the benefits and elicit support.
  • Energy/Sustainability Champions – assisting in recruiting or re-organising, re-branding and re-launching any existing network of champions.
  • Energy/Sustainability Training – specific to job functions as needed.
  • Energy/Sustainability Walkabouts – with champions and other staff, reporting on findings and opportunities.
  • Campaign Materials – drafting materials – electronic or hard copy – to support the initiative including newsletters, web pages, posters, articles, interviews, case studies.
  • Be Energy eLearning programme.
  • Data Analysis – analysing energy data to identify where savings are made, if required to IPMVP protocol.
  • Campaign Team Meetings – attending regularly to provide advice and support.
  • Launch Events/Roadshows – organisation and promoting Launch Events, Roadshows and Open Days; including speech writing for senior figures and providing a speakers.
  • Train the Trainer – designing and running tailored “train the trainer” course for staff to equip them to design and deliver training in the future.
  • ISO 50001 – using the Energy Management System (EnMS) to involve everyone from the top down as well as maximising the effectiveness of all aspects of energy management.
  • Feedback Systems – providing data feedback systems to demonstrate positive effect to sustain long term behaviour change.
  • One-Off Workshops and Conferences – providing industry or technology specific workshop speakers and inspirational speakers for other events and conferences.

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3450_aston - - becky

Energy Culture Change for Aston University

"It has been a pleasure to work with The Green Consultancy and I am confident that together we have created an awareness of energy management related issues within a significant and senior group of people, which is what we set out to do.”

Graham Faulks, Deputy Director Estates – Engineering and Sustainability

See case history of our work for Aston University

3450_sporta - - becky

Energy Management Training for Sporta

“The Green Consultancy provided training for Sporta members in London and Sheffield – covering all aspects of energy management in wet and dry leisure centres, including CHP and voltage management.

These workshops were greatly appreciated by our members and it was clear that The Green Consultancy has a comprehensive understanding of energy management in the leisure sector and a rigorous energy efficiency methodology for identifying the most cost-effective opportunities for reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.”

Brian Leonard, Chief Executive

University of Bradford

Importance of behaviour change - from Water, Energy & Environment magazine

“I strongly believe that behaviour change is an important tool in saving energy … and can realise larger savings than many traditional “hard” energy conservation techniques … and I’d encourage it to be incorporated into every carbon management plan for other universities and large energy consuming organisations.”

Russell Smith, Estates Manager