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Too often, businesses implement systems or technologies without having a true understanding of the likely savings or ROI that will be delivered. With the help of a specialised audit or feasibility study from The Green Consultancy, you’ll be able to invest with confidence, and implement projects that are sure to deliver the efficiencies they promise.

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

Gain the insight necessary to make a better-informed investment.

The Green Consultancy can provide you with investment grade investigations of any process, building service technology or alternative energy source.

Without the vital insights and information these studies provide, many organisations implement projects that fail to deliver the promised outcomes – or that only do so after a much longer period than expected.

We provide specialised audits and feasibility studies for:

Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

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Data Centre Cooling Review for Cardiff Metropolitan University

“The Green Consultancy was approached to carry out a review of the University's existing data centre cooling plant with a view to providing a suite of costed options to upgrade the aging equipment in place. From the outset, I found the team to be very approachable, knowledgeable and professional in their approach to the task at hand and the review and report produced was detailed, robust and received very positively by the University. A follow up report requested from them was delivered in the same timely and detailed manner and I would not hesitate to recommend The Green Consultancy to other University's and public-sector bodies.”

Neil Bradley, Energy and Environment Manager

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District Heating Redesign for University of Bristol

“The Green Consultancy redesigned the District Heating System at our Langford site to dramatically improve its energy efficiency. Their consultant gave a clear and concise explanation of the new design and answered all questions from the team charged with progressively implementing and commissioning the new design in a way that fully inspires our confidence in the results. At last we have someone who understands CHP and thermal stores, rather than having just read about them in a book and made up a design as they go along!”

Dave Baker, Mechanical Building Services Engineer

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CHP feasibility study for Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

“The Green Consultancy carried out a feasibility study into the extension of the Trust’s combined heat and power (CHP) district heating system.
“This project was completed in a professional manner and in a very short timescale due to the Trust’s requirements; the report received was of high quality.”

David Sanderson, Head of Estates

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District Heating Optimisation for University of Bristol

“Every aspect of this work exceeded my expectations and your consultant proved knowledgeable and able to provide practical solutions to our system issues”

Chris Jones, Sustainability Manager (Energy)

Edinburgh Napier University

Review of CHP Edinburgh Napier University

“This is the second time I have used the Green Consultancy and they continue to deliver an excellent service with lots of added value.”

David Fairhurst, Energy and Utilities Manager

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Monitoring & Targeting for Jennings Brothers, Marstons plc

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with your report on Energy Policy, Monitoring & Targeting and methods of reducing energy consumption and comply with the verification requirements of the Climate Change Agreement.  I would like to thank you for the excellent way in which the survey was conducted"

Jeremy Pettman, Head Brewer