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An environmental audit is a good way of measuring an organisation’s environmental impacts, and enables informed decisions to be made about managing those impacts.

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Areas covered and benefits delivered

The environmental impacts covered by an audit may include:

  • Energy
  • Carbon dioxide and other emissions
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Biodiversity
  • Procurement

(Please note, if we have recently carried out carbon footprinting or an energy survey for you, this will reduce the amount of work and therefore the fee.)

The benefits of the audit include:

  • Ensuring legislative compliance
  • Reducing environmental impacts
  • Reducing waste, water and energy costs (annual savings are typically greater than our fee for the audit)
  • Improving relations with stakeholders
  • Providing the foundation for an environmental management system (EMS) such as ISO 14001 at a later date

The Green Consultancy offers a tailored audit and review process aligned to your sector and business needs that is compliant with ISO 7750 and 14001 standards.

By complying with a recognised standard, your audit will enable a more satisfactory method of reporting to stakeholders, providing an immediate or future starting point for your environmental management system (EMS). This makes it far easier to achieve EMS certification in the future if this is not something you already need.

We provide a referenced audit report that includes an examination of your current operational methods covering:

  • Energy use
  • Carbon dioxide emissions (carbon footprint)
  • Solid waste
  • Water consumption
  • Transport and travel (commuting and business)
  • Procurement (for example, raw materials, packaging, food/catering and office consumables)
  • Environmental policy and practices relevant to your business

Our audit report will provide you with:

  • A review of all principal environmental impacts over which your organisation has control or influence
  • A gap analysis of the changes required to improve your organisation’s existing environmental management procedures

If relevant and necessary to your business needs we also provide:

  • A Legal Compliance Register listing all regulations applicable to your organisation’s significant environmental impacts.
  • An Environmental Aspects Register listing your organisation’s environmental aspects cross-referenced with the Legal Compliance Register. The Environmental Aspects Register uses a significance rating so that your organisation can determine which environmental aspects are significant and therefore must be managed to meet the chosen standard.
  • Written procedures detailing how your organisation ensures that its Legal Compliance Register and Environmental Aspects Register are relevant and maintained, and how the assessment of the significance of the Environmental Aspects is carried out.

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Put us to the test NOW!  To discuss your requirements please call John Treble on 01761 419081 or email John@GreenConsultancy.com

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The Green Consultancy and The British Standards Institute

The Green Consultancy is an associate consultancy of The British Standards Institute (BSI) and provides consultancy support, training and monitoring on all energy and environmental management system standards and all energy/carbon reduction standards – such as ISO 14001, BS8555, ISO 50001, BSI Energy Reduction Verification Kitemark and the Carbon Trust Standard.

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Environmental Audits for University of Bedfordshire

“The objective was to gain points in the Green League section applicable to comprehensive environmental auditing, and TGC’s reports were successful in achieving those points.  I was very impressed with your consultant’s knowledge of waste matters and environmental management systems and would not hesitate to recommend TGC to other organisations.”

Adam Higgin, Energy & Environment Manager

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ISO 14001 work for Daily Mail and General Trust

"I would have no hesitation in recommending The Green Consultancy as the quality of their consultant’s work in guiding us towards ISO 14001 accreditation has been excellent."

Paul Phelan, Head of Facilities, London Headquarters

See case history of our work for DMGT