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Energy and facilities management outsourcing has evolved over many years as an important strategy by which organisations can effectively manage non-core activity and reduce costs.

Those that successfully implement tailored and well-managed outsourcing programmes achieve very significant and long-lasting benefits and enjoy partnering relationships with trusted suppliers who focus on the organisation’s goals and objectives.

As part of JRP Solutions, we have a wealth of experience of both supplier and client organisations and are uniquely placed to apply our expertise and knowledge of the complexities of outsourcing to help clients navigate the outsourcing minefield and to avoid the pitfalls.

In particular, we can advise on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) with Energy Service Companies (ESCO).

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Our services

Outsourcing can be a difficult and complex process and organisations often struggle to align their organisational objectives with the outsourcing programme and to optimise the potential benefits of the strategy.

We have helped implement highly successful energy and facilities management strategies for an impressive portfolio of customers across different industry sectors. In every case our strategies have delivered significant cost savings and service performance improvements for our customers. Please see Outsourcing clients.

We can support you to optimise the benefits of outsourcing by:

  • scoping outsourced services, including identifying synergies
  • identifying and evaluating prospective energy and facilities management partners
  • carrying out a Provider Audit (see below)
  • developing a suite of appropriate and practical KPIs and other performance measures
  • preparing and analysing tenders, completing business cases and negotiating agreements
  • overseeing the implementation of outsourcing agreements
  • monitoring the performance of the selected partners on an ongoing basis
  • renegotiating or refining existing contracts
  • providing support to develop long term strategies.

For specialised services please see:

Provider Audit

This is an extremely effective way to rigorously determine the appropriateness or otherwise of a facilities or energy services provider and can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any existing outsourcing contracts.

  • Reduces negotiation time for new contracts
  • Ensures the selection of the most suitable provider
  • Optimises self-delivery by identifying areas for improvement
  • Provides sense/health check of existing providers as a basis for reviewing KPIs and contract terms
  • Enables decisions based on organisational priorities
  • Provides comprehensive information on which to base informed decisions

Using a robust set of questions, and our auditing skills and experience, we interrogate a provider’s operational performance across areas such as supply chain management, health and safety processes, customer complaints and corrective actions, continuous improvement, training and training records. A final assessment benchmarks the organisation against client needs and expectations.

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District Heating Negotiation for Department for Education

Department for Education engaged The Green Consultancy to review the proposed technical and contractual terms for the supply of heat to Cornerstone Digital Academies from a district heating scheme operated by E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd – and then to negotiate with E.ON.

“Efficient and professional service. TGC do what they say they are going to do!

Paul Bennett, Chartered Project Management Surveyor


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Total Energy Management

To help you manage energy in the most complete and professional way possible, The Green Consultancy provides a comprehensive integrated range of services.

More about Total Energy Management

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